The EXTENDEDversion of the modpack for World of Tanks from thePROTanksteam represents the maximum number of popular mods for your complete enjoyment of the game. With a variety of sights, voiceovers, damage panels, hangars and unique mods, the expanded version of the modpack provides extensive customization of the game client. Contains most of the available mods, including XVM and Deer Meter, so you can enjoy the game in your own style. Improve your gaming experience withthe EXTENDEDversion of the modpack fromPROTanks.


List of modifications and settings included in the package

Sight improvements

  • Armor penetration calculator
  • Reducing the scatter circle
  • Full mix timer
    • Classic look
    • Updated design


  • Arcade and sniper sights
    • "Standard Plus" by AtotIK
    • "Taipan 2" by demo2597
    • "OverCross" by dab97
    • "J1mbo sight"
    • "PROTanks" by Yusha
    • "Bad Boy" by Andre_V
    • "Sight of Maracasi" by Andre_V
    • "Turquoise Destroyer" by Andre_V
    • "World of Warplanes" by Andre_V
    • “White Sight of Korzinich” by Andre_V
    • "Moriarty's Sight" by Andre_V
    • "Green Melty Map" by Andre_V
    • "Achilles" by Andre_V
    • "Warrior" by Andre_V "Combo" by Andre_V
    • "Korean" by Andre_V
    • "Historical sight" by Andre_V
    • "Zhelin Sight" by Andre_V
    • "Sword of Damocles" by Andre_V
    • "Harpoon Sight" by Andre_V
    • "Bad AS" by Andre_V
  • Artillery sight
    • Artillery sight "OverCross"
    • Artillery sight "Standard Plus"
    • Artillery sight "Sword of Damocles"
  • Server sight
    • New
    • Classical
    • Advanced
    • Green

PMOD Package with gingerbread

  • Commander's camera
  • Hide Tokens
  • HF of opponents in ears
  • Horizontal stabilization
  • Disable rocking
  • Multiple zoom
  • Zoom indicators in a sniper scope
  • Disable dimming and filter
  • Tank Expert
  • Filter battle chat messages
  • Disable scroll inertia
  • Disable red flash
  • Disable shaking when hitting a tank
  • Free camera in replays

Modification of the combat interface (XVM)

  • Statistics switch
  • Minimap improvements
    • Adding different info circles
    • Adding a pointer
    • Adding an ART-SAU sight
    • Setting up keys to zoom in on the minimap
    • Labels on the minimap
    • HP on the minimap
    • HP on the minimap when holding Alt
  • Add ear count indicator
    • Traffic light
    • Light bulbs
    • Asterisks
  • Expanded command ear format
  • Reduce command ears scale by 20%
  • XVM markers over vehicles
    • Configuration of markers from PROTanks
    • Add number of shots
    • Add player nicknames
    • Disable alternative marker view
    • Enable XMQP in markers above tanks
    • Aiming point behind cover
    • Distance to target above tanks
  • Add damage log
  • Add a HP strip to the ears
    • HP inside the ears
    • The HP inside is gone full
    • HP outside the ears
    • HP outside the ears when pressing ALT
  • Enable tank carousel
    • Large icons
    • Client settings
    • Two rows
    • Three rows
    • Add win percentage
    • Add average damage
    • Add marks on the trunk
    • Add efficiency
  • Clock in the hangar
  • Auto crew return
  • Player statistics in the hangar
  • Lock for spending bonds (except for auto-replenishment)
  • Castle on the Free Experience stratum
  • Lock for spending Gold
  • Remove the counter on the buttons for new things
  • Settings for color blindness

Battle achievement mod

Dangerous traffic light

Mod for Steel Hunter

3 marks on the trunk

Tank damage counter

Decisive Shot

Damage announcer in chat


Alerting allies about light exposure

Combat effectiveness calculator

Messages about recharging in chat

Quick repair and treatment

Information panel

Horizontal angles

Damage panel

  • Damage log from GambitER
  • Damage panel ZAYAZ
  • Damage panel Rabbit
  • Damage panel Mini Andre_V
  • Damage panel KobkaG
  • Damage panel with UGN

Team strength point counter

  • Standard style
  • In Locastan style
  • Minimalist style
  • Cyber ​​League style
  • In LeBwa style

Results of the battle in the battle chat

  • Minimalist message
  • Configuration from Armagemen
  • Configuration from 2rokk
  • Configuration from demon2597
  • Configuration from Meddio
  • Configuration from XXX_MUTANT
  • Configuration from antoshka
  • Configuration from vlad_cs_sr

Colored hit marks

Colored marks on trunks

  • Solid color marks
  • Multi-colored marks

Display of equipment in battle

Esthete skins with penetration zones

  • Smart - on the enemy when hovering
  • Always - permanent display

Setting visibility on maps

  • Daytime sky without fog
  • Night sky without fog
  • Bad weather

White destroyed tanks

White downed caterpillars

Bright tanks on the maps

Contrasting trains on maps

Colored tank icons

  • Outline icons from Master_XH
  • Outline icons from COPCK_BCB

Disable camouflages and inscriptions

Karma mod

Mod Masters in the hangar

Unique 3D Styles

Selecting a random tank

FPS limit mod

Oppression Detector

Tank armor calculator in the hangar

View Hits

Replay manager in the hangar

Radio NETradioWOT

Control of crew and tank experience

  • Notify when a crew skill is unlocked
  • Notify about crew and upgrades

Replacing the Battle button

Voice activation of the microphone

Post-battle messages

  • Minimalistic
  • Configuration from Armagemen
  • Configuration from 2rokk
  • Configuration from demon2597
  • Configuration from Meddio
  • Configuration from XXX_MUTANT
  • Configuration from antoshka
  • Configuration from vlad_cs_sr

Advanced Statistics

  • Process all fights
  • Hide basic statistics button
  • Minimalistic statistics
  • Statistics from Armagemen
  • Statistics from 2rokk
  • Statistics from demon2597
  • Statistics from Meddio
  • Statistics from XXX_MUTANT
  • Statistics from antoshka
  • Statistics from vlad_cs_sr

Initial voice acting for the game

  • El Comentante
  • Bander Bending Rodriguez
  • Sergeant voice acting
  • Rise of the Machines
  • Gotham City
  • Grandfather Front-line Soldier
  • Streamer Nastya Crazy Foxy
  • Tank Privoz
  • Captain Storm
  • Atmospheric Commander
  • Batman Banter Knight
  • Voice acting of Korzinich
  • Voiced by Honey Badger
  • Alexander Baluev
  • Sighs - combat stimulant
  • ReZervatsyYa
  • Announcer Evgen Malukha
  • Steel Hunter 2020
  • Deadpool
  • Original OLD TankTV crew
  • Solid developer of OLD TankTV
  • Olga Sergeevna OLD TankTV
  • Kirill Oreshkin OLD TankTV
  • Asya OLD TankTV
  • Sergey Borisovich SerB

Sound effects

Here you can turn on/off various sound effects, such as a timer until the end of the battle, artefacts being hit, gun charging sound effects and more.

Replacing the Sixth Sense icon

In the modification settings, you can select different light bulb options, for example: “Goryusha”, “PROTanks”, “Attention! Tank discovered”, “Cross and skull”, “Tro-lo-lo sun” and others

A set of hangars to choose from



Extended Pack

Game Version

Modpack Version


Release Date

Jul 11, 2024

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